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Mark Bono
Brisbane - Queensland - Australia



Performing everywhere from chilled out background gigs right through to the party scenes of the pubs and clubs, and everywhere in between that's keen for a good sing-a-long, Mark has a real presence in the Brisbane covers scene with literally thousands of gigs under his belt to date.

A long list of venues he has perfomed in is testimony to this, seeing him play not only within his home town of Brisbane, but all over Queensland and beyond. (see past venues)

Armed with an ever growing song list,  Mark tries to cater to every crowd and environment, suitable for any occasion be it a public, private or corporate event, and is willing to help cater to any particular client needs wherever possible too. (see song list)

With years of experience, Mark has developed his act/s to give a full sounding performance while always keeping everything live! This allows him to bend and shift with the crowd to gain the best possible atmosphere no matter what environment he finds himself in, without the use of inflexible backing tracks and/or sequencing to fill the space.

Crowd participation is also encouraged too! (see covers for more details and acts available)

Apart from weekly cover gigs, Mark also dabbles with a few other music related projects and is always keen to take on more whenever suitable. (see Originals and Past Acts for more details)

Gig Poster

Feel free to download a Gig Poster below to print off and put up at your venue.