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Gun for Hire

Gun for Hire


Once Mark ditched his regular day job to go full-time as a musician, he quickly began to also pursue his interests in the related industry of radio... keen to learn and explore every facet of the industry he still hasn't left!

After first stepping into the doors at Brisbane's Radio Stations B105 & Triple M sometime in 2002, Mark began by simply helping out here and there, mostly with promotions and events.

This in turn saw him inducted as Black Thunder Pilot "Marky Mark" (B105) & Rock Patroller "Bono" (Triple M) hitting the streets, handing out the free stuff and supporting on-air events and competitions, while taking up the opportunity to MC at community and station events whenever possible too.

While doing this, Mark saw the opportunity to use his Sound Engineering background to run Outside Broadcasts for both stations and since 2007 has also been Technical Producer for Triple M's AFL & NRL football calls whenever needed locally and nationally through-out each season.

Always keen to expand his knowledge and explore new avenues, Mark revisited the workings of the on-air studio in 2015 working regular shifts as a Panel Op with both stations working towards possibly hosting an on-air show of his own at some stage.

So keep an ear out on the wireless as you may very well hear Mark on the air!

Gun for Hire

Gun for Hire

Gun for Hire


Apart from performing with his own acts, Mark can be booked to perform for other groups too, for;
Live Performances, Touring and/or Recording Sessions.

Some past acts Mark has worked with include;
"Stayin Up Late", covers gigs - Bass
"Trepidation", orginal gigs/studio recording - Bass
"Polyesta", covers gigs - Bass
"Millionaires & Teddybears", covers gigs - Bass


If you are in need of a "Gun for Hire", simply email through the details.