Available for any occassion Mark Bono can perform solo at any event no matter how big or small.
From restuarants to festival stages, he can tailor a set to suit. 

Preferring to keep everything live, Mark has never used backing tracks and/or sequencing to fill the space. Instead, he achieves a fat, full sound with the use of some crafty foot controls, which provide a rich mix of vocal harmonies and guitar tones giving the impression that there is more likely a small group performing, rather than just one guy.




Much the same as the solo outfit, the Mark Bono Duo has the ability to cater to a wide variety of audiences, from relaxed diners, through to dancing party animals and everything in between.
Adding a drummer to the mix, with either an electronic or acoustic drum kit (pending suitability), the duo is able to play up a storm and ideally suited to events where although a full band would be preferred, budget or noise limits do not permit.

Keeping it all live, the Mark Bono Duo achieves a fat, full sound providing a rich mix of vocal harmonies and guitar tones together with a driving beat to get punters on their feet.




Although not currently working a regular Cover Band act these days, Mark can put together a full band option on request.
This could take form as a tight acoutic trio right through to a full electric rock show pending requirements and budgets etc.

The Mark Bono Trio, would see a Bass player added to the Duo line up.


Gig Poster

Feel free to download a Gig Poster below to print off and put up around your venue.